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  We are proud to offer an affordable solution to small/medium size businesses that will help you get the word out, or as we like to say "put the word on the street." We are a yard sign company that cares about your success. If you succeed, we succeed!

  Our yard signs are made of high quality coroplast, and have the power of attracting more attention than you can handle. Our yard signs are printed using a silk screen process with a special coroplast ink that actually bonds to the yard sign. Coroplast yard signs made using our method can last up to several years outdoors. For cheap yard signs there is simply no better place to go.

  If you've tried other methods of advertising and had little or no luck, THAT'S ABOUT TO CHANGE! Try them out for your real estate yard signs, we buy houses yard signs, political yard signs, campaign signs, front lawn yard signs, tow signs, special events, or anything else you want possibly hundreds of thousands of people to see! At less than half a cent ($.005) per reader our method of advertising (yard signs) is the most cost effective tool you can find. We are confident you’ll get the results you want...and then some.

Sample of cheap yard signs, political signs, bandit signs and other types of signs that we offer.

Cheap yard sign designed for a snow cone shop.  Cheap yard sign designed for one dollar signs.   Cheap yard sign designed for an open house.  cheap yard sign designed for a moon walk company.

All signs are extremely weather proof.  

Don't fall for competitors with similar prices printing on card stock paper.



I was skeptical at first but after seeing
how well these worked I'm hooked.
These guys were fast and affordable..
-Steve Jenkins
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Do you know what
you need to about
yard sign placement?

 Chances are you probably don't know what you should about yard sign placement. Thankfully the team here at One Dollar Signs.com is here to help! Coroplast yard signs can be as much as 10 times more effective when properly placed. Placement of yard signs can differ depending on the purpose of their use. While yard sign placement may seem simple enough to you, you may be over looking a few pointers. If you hired someone to place your yard signs then you may want to print this out and give it to the person who may be putting your political signs, campaign signs, real estate signs, we buy houses signs, or any other kind of coroplast yard signs out for you! Yard sign placement can make your customer response ratio seem like night and day. Remember laws may differ in certain areas regarding the placement of lawn signs, cheap yard signs, real estate signs, we buy houses signs, political signs or any other type of bandit signs on property that is public or private. Please be sure to check for the laws in your area regarding sign placement.

Real estate yard signs placement is pretty simple and can be placed in the yard of the real estate for sale. However a lot of real estate agents have passed up the possibilities of putting real estate yard signs on the roadside advertising a real estate property for sale such as 3-2-2 in great family neighborhood for sale only $90K!. That is where roadside yard sign placement can become important!

We buy houses yard signs and other real estate investor yard signs are definitely sensitive to the areas they are placed in as well. Unlike real estate yard signs, we buy houses yard signs don't need to be placed directly in front of only one real estate property. We buy houses yard signs can be placed on almost any type of road in any situation. As a rule of thumb only place yard signs in commercial areas. Yard signs are business related and should be placed in areas where other signs are located.

The ideal place for yard signs is where vehicles are driving 45mph or less. If vehicles are traveling passed roadside signs, or yard signs at speeds faster than or near 45mph you may want to place multiple yard signs in that area. One yard sign after another may give the passers by a chance to catch what they missed from the first yard sign when they see the following yard sign. Be careful though, placement of too many yard signs in one area may upset residents and other community members.

Another good trick is to place yard signs before areas where traffic stops. Keep in mind that yard signs in high traffic areas will get readers passing by three separate times a day at any given intersection. You will have people reading your yard signs on their way to work, reading your yard signs on their way to lunch, and reading your yard signs on their way home! I'm sure you already know that in peak traffic times, roadside yard signs can be read by possibly thousands of people at each intersection during any one of those peak times.

Having your yard sign double sided gives you a greater advantage when placing them on the roadside. Double sided yard signs allow you to utilize both sides of the yard sign in order get the attention of passers by from both sides of traffic. When using double sided yard signs you will need to order h-frame wire stakes as well. Using h-frame wire stands allows you to slide the stands in the middle of the yard sign which makes both sides of the yard sign visible to passers by. Who should use double sided yard signs? Pretty much anyone who is placing yard signs in the road! Double sided yard signs are great for any type of political signs, campaign signs, we buy houses signs, real estate signs, and much more. The ideal spot to place yard signs that are double sided would be in the median of a road. The median is the area in the middle of the road that separates two-way traffic. Placing yard signs right in the middle of the road (the median) is an excellent way for both directions of the roadside to see your yard signs. Remember that laws regulating yard sign placement may differ in your area so be sure to consult your local rules and regulations regarding yard signs placement.    (Continued on right side..)  


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Large Yard Signs 18"x24"
  LARGE Yard Signs
  Single Sided, Single Color

18"X24" White Coroplast
  Ylw Coroplast Additional $.60
  Blue, Red, and Green avail.
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 50 Signs $2.45 Each
 Ink Colors: Black, Blue,
 Green, Red, Yellow,and
 White are available.
 Additional Options
 $.50 Cents Each for 2nd Side
 $.71 Cents Extra Color ($15 screen)

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  (...Continued from left column)
  H-frame wire stands also known as h-frame wire stakes have many valuable uses for yard signs and yard sign placement. As mentioned before, using h-frame wire stands allows you to use both sides of your yard sign. Not only do h-frame wire stands allow you to use both sides of your yard signs, they also allow you to place the yard signs any where you need to. Using h-frame wire stands means that you are no longer limited to placing yard signs on poles. By using h-frame wire stands you can place your yard signs in locations that have a much higher visual impact on consumers.

  Placing yard signs on poles have advantages as well. If you are on a tight budget, using poles will save you from having to purchase h-frame wire stands or wooden stakes. Placing the yard sign higher on the pole may increase the amount of time that the yard sign actually stays up. Placing yard signs higher means the yard signs are not at eye level any more. You may lose a small fraction of readers by placing yard signs too high. In our opinion we would still recommend placing the yard signs a little higher then 8ft off the ground. There are several devices on the market that can help you place yard signs higher then usual without having to use a ladder. Not using a ladder will help speed up the process as yard signs are placed.

  The team here at One Dollar Signs.com hopes that this article on yard sign placement has been helpful and informative to you. Good luck with your yard sign campaign and we hope that whether you're using your yard signs for political signs, campaign signs, real estate signs, we buy houses signs, or any other kind of coroplast yard signs that your campaign leads to victory. If you succeed, we succeed.



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